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Player Registration

We are no longer accepting new players for the 2018 Spring Season. We will be accepting new players for fall of 2018 coming up in July 2018. Please contact Ronday Kapp at for more information.

Information about this form.

The total cost for Ionia Youth Soccer Club is $90. This includes the registration fee to play in CASL, uniform, equipment and ref fees. Soccer cleats, shin guards, and transportation to and from games are the player’s responsibility. There are non-refundable processing fees associated with the total soccer cost when you make your payment online.

You have the option to use last season’s uniforms to save money on the club cost. If you chose to do this, your total club club will be $75 (plus the processing fee of $5.95).

Financial assistance is available and on a first come first serve basis. The deadline for filling out financial aid is 3/1/2018.

You MUST have a copy of the player’s birth certificate, passport, adoption certificate, certificate of naturalization,or school record proving the age of the player. You can upload a copy of this when filling out this form. The file format must be JPEG. If you are unable to upload at this time, please send a copy to

CONCUSSION FORMS: If you are new to IYSC and CASL, you MUST complete a concussion form found on our home page. If you have already completed a concussion form through IYSC, then you do not need to complete another one for the remaining seasons that you play. They are good up the the player’s 18th birthday.

MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS: You MUST complete a Medical Release form and have it notarized. This form can be downloaded from our home page. If you already completed a form for FALL 2017 season, you do not have to complete another one. These forms are valid for 1 year only.

Please email us at for more information regarding player registration.

Ionia Youth Soccer Club Board of Directors

Our current board of directors include:

Ronda Kapp – President
Jennifer Napieralski – Secretary
Tracie Shindorf – Treasurer
Aimee Charles – Registrar
Jenna Richmond – Trustee

You can reach the board at anytime at

Information about using last season’s uniform…

If you are using last season’s uniform, the uniform MUST have the player’s number legible on the backside. If for whatever reason the number has been washed away or come off, you must order a new uniform.

The following fields are PLAYER INFORMATION:

Please complete the form by filling in all blank fields. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required fields and must be filled in.

Medical Release Forms and Concussion Forms

If you filled out a medical release form and had it notarized for the 2017 Fall season with Ionia Youth Soccer Club, then you do not need to complete a medical release form. These forms are good for 1 year only. If you completed a Concussion form through IYSC, those do not have an expiration date and are valid every year you play with IYSC and CASL.

Both forms are found on our homepage under documents.

Once you complete the medical release form, please scan and send to or contact Aimee Charles at 517.290.4962 for other arrangements.

Once you complete the concussion form, please scan and send to or contact Aimee Charles at 517.290.4962 for other arrangements.

Current Age Brackets:

Here is CASL’s current age brackets with their birth years.

2008 – U10
2007 – U11
2006 – U12
2005 – U13
2004/2003 – U15
2002-1999 – U19


Proof of Age.

Every player must submit proof of birth at the time of registration one-time. Once you submit this proof, you will never be asked to again as long as you play each year with IYSC and CASL.

Valid proof of age would be the following:

1. Birth Certificate
2. Passport
3. Adoption Certificate
4. Certificate of Naturalization
5. School Record

The next set of fields are parent/guardian information.

Ionia Youth Soccer Club is only a success with the help of volunteers and sponsors.

Please complete the following fields in relation to anything that you can help attribute or volunteer.

If you have any questions with volunteering or sponsorships, please contact Ronda Kapp at Ronda is the IYSC Board President.

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